The business of chasing family and friends

​When I understood the ​possibilities with NWM I was amazed. The fair opportunity for everyone where I could work hard, help others and build my future. When I really understood I got so excited. ​Perfect company, ​right place in the market and products that are much more then good.  Started off abd it was very easy […]

I made my decision

Growing my NWM business online I can no longe close my eyes to the digitalisation going on i n the world. I want a global business online and this is MY STORY about how I created that. Success did not happen yet, BUT interests and applications to work with my business already started to roll […]

Vet du hur nära du är?

Har du någongång funderat på hur nära du kan vara något även om det känns extremt långt borta? Det kan vara så lite som gör att det blir så stor skillnad, på alla områden i livet. När jag var yngre såg jag en film som heter Sliding Doors som handlar om just detta. Den tyckte […]

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