A fysical people to people business enters the digital world

​The actual challenge I faced going digital was the fact that I wanted an actual fysical business that I already had my faith in to go digital. I knew that it could not be a webshop because I did not want to sell a product that I had to pck and send myself. Neither did I want to take the risk of hiering staff.

My criteria was that it had do be a global business and the work would have to be in teams and 100% easy to manage from ANYWHERE in the worl at the times that I actually want to work.

This was not so easy to figure out but by staring one thing lead to another. I got myself a really god partner and by discussing and thowing our heads against the wall many times the system developed slowley.

The first 6 monts was about trying, a quite weak system but anyhow a system. I work by the ethic of "PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF DONE" so I just got started and learned during the journey! ​Continuesley i took my courses day by day and also got many helpful ideas all the time.

Today approximatley 2 weeks ago we launhed the new website and allt he connections to it starts to take place for real. I have managed to learn how to connect differet platforms but still there is much left to do.

Honestly this is the first time in my life where I have found the system that will take me to a homebased digital success in a compleatley new style. Maybe someone has started tha same thing somewhere but I would not be surprised if we are the first of creating a system ike this. I have always been determent that I will make a free Ultiimate Lifestyle Business for myself and this is the way.

The website is the face and behind it there are different connections to be able to make the work 100% duplicatable for independent entrprenurs.

Formbar as a thought started in September 2017 and took off jan 2018. I know that I will have to work hard on it another year before the big EXPLOTION COMES.​ It will be worth it I am so sure of that and working hard here means setting up auto systems on times that I decide. Talk about living life by my design doing what I love, helping entreprenurs and spend a lot of time with my Mac.

Watch the video below toget an insight about the system we created.​

Withing you all a productive day
Jenniefer creating the perfect ending

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The story in real time about how I managed to make my NWM business online and had the right people actually applying to work with me. ​​Finding a system to bild a ​SOLID ​Global business ONLINE​​​. This blog is about me finding an TOTALLY UNIQUE system for building a solid NWM business 100% global and 100% online