Can working from home be a “real” job?

Absolutely I would say BUT that means you will have to treat it like a job and not a hobby. It means having a strategy for making it work. I would recommend you to start up with a goal for a part time business that you can develop over time. Working from home is not a quick fix to becoming amillionare. BUT there are ways of slowly and safe buliding a future business that can give you more freedom indeed.
To be able to work from home you have to, in my opinion need:

  • An opportunity you believe in.
  • Believe in the product connected to the opportunity.
  • The company that you will be representing if you choose that kind MUST be a safe and stable company that have a good and safe bonus plan. Make sure that you can´t loose your business if you need to be away for a few months or more.
  • Be able to squeeze in 10 hours a week even if that means 15 min here and there working from your phone or computer.
  • Be coachable and take tips and advices from a coach.
  • Be motivated so you can face all the non believers.
  • Be hungry for learninga and become a proffessional.
  • Have a coach.
  • Set strategic S.M.A.R.T Goals.
  • Have dreams and visions.

If you have theese shings no matter skillset a homebased business could definatly work for you.

I worked part time hard and focused for a year and after that I went fulltime working from home.

Live with passion


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