Have you been told that you have to work on your 100-list?

was asked to work on references. To ask the people supporting me give names to people I should contact. In that way I would increase my 100- list.

Have you been told that you have to work on your 100-list?

So was I and as the years passed by it was more and more difficult making increasing it. I had and still have some people on it that I just wrote there just so if would feel better. Some people that in the business was calle “chicken list”. I was told I could never know what they wanted so you shall aske everyone. I do a gree to a certain point, I do, but on the other hand just asking everyone for meetings about your business in a way seemed a bit desperate. And as I have already told I became desperate.

Just know that I never ever thought about quitting, NEVER. Beeing frustrated is not the same as to quit. BUT i realised I would have to find new solutions. And I was ready to think out of the box TOTALLY!!

I was ready for a new way but I cold afford an expensive system which I actually did not know anything about.

So as I googled and tried to understand a world wchich seemed like a jungle I found a free 10 day program. Free was good for me at the time and even if I knew that it might cost something later I would know more after this program.

Click on the picture if you want to see a bit about the course I chooses. It´s free and you can unregister any time.

I comitted to giving it 100% and taking the course as the most hungry student they have ever seen.

The course started, every day with new steps and sometimes I thought that it was some american Bla bla, but still I was comitted to completing it. And LORD I am thankful for that today! As much as I am thankful I also smile because it did not take the “road” I had thought from the beginning.

It´s similar to having a goal and the road to success or reaching the goal NEVER is straight. Same goes for this BUT in another way. It´s all about being open minded and open. BE COACHABLE as we say in my team. That doesn´t just go for your downline its also about ME, as this story is about me.

With my open mind and absolute focus to find something new I started telling my surronding a bit about it. Some beieved in it some rejected it. That is compleatley new subjet that I will continue with tomorrow. ..

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