I can´t handle a computer so how the HECK shall I build a business online?

I was not one of them thinking that the computer and ​tecnique scared me off, I actually love that. BUT it is a bit of a jungle out there and we are always new at some point. Sometimes everything seemed so clear and the next moment the same thing felt totally impossible. That is the way of life I guess. And in this case to be stubborn is a good personality traits to have. Perfect that that can come handy because believe me it´s not always appreciated.

So I found my extra value

I decided that I wanted to be able to work with my original profession as an extra value. I wanted more people to get help with their fitness journeys and I wanted each customer to get in contact with a professional even if I have thousands of customers. I wanted to be able to uplift my teams different competences and let them be a part of the development and creativity. 
Good that is in place so now I just had to find the ways of HOW to do it.

When I had the WHAT i needed the HOW to press on GO

To get an idea in to place is a process. If you don´t get in to the systems and understand other systems you will never ever be able to realize what you can do and what is possible. I became  a student of the student. I wrote my hours of taking the courses each day down in my calendar and I followed it like a slave. A very happy slave but still I did not let anything get in my way. Taking notes, pausing, using google translate. 

Nothing worth having comes easy

I am still doing the same today, the courses are just different. Along the way I found what my head priority should be and moved from there week to week. I decedid to se myself as a totally blank page that was open to a whole new world.  So in my silence I just added hour after hour, session after session....

​Easy for you to say that likes computer work..

​I hear that a lot and it makes me laugh a bit. I was not born with a computer in my hand, I am not even from the generation where computers came before I was 18. Everyone is a beginner and today JUST GOOGLE watch and learn. I also as I have said choosed a program that have everything I needed, all the tools, tutorials, knowledge and support I needed just a computer or phone away. Cost some money YES saves a lot and teaches me how to grow my business HELL YES!!

So maybe because I don not hesitate sitting behind the computer the resistance was less, but the difficult part is not the computer skills, you will learn them in time. The most important thing is your awareness of your goal and what makes your heart sing. Be creative during the time, do not push it, and let it all out. When that is on place you will learn the rest.

​It all started with a 10 day Boot camp 100% free of charge

​As much as I wanted I was not in a place of spending money on something I did now get my head around. So a 10 day free Boot camp in attracting people was the offer I needed to get started.

​Time for this student to get all the things in the head out to the world... I felt very confused but everytime I thought about it my heart started beating faster 

​As I always say: Don´t wish it was easier, wish YOU were better.  Make a little challenge everyday and over time the skill you have learned will be more than you ever could have imagined.

Live with passion See you tomorrow


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The story in real time about how I managed to make my NWM business online and had the right people actually applying to work with me. ​​Finding a system to bild a ​SOLID ​Global business ONLINE​​​. This blog is about me finding an TOTALLY UNIQUE system for building a solid NWM business 100% global and 100% online