I made my decision

Growing my NWM business online

I can no longe close my eyes to the digitalisation going on i n the world.

I want a global business online and this is MY STORY about how I created that. Success did not happen yet, BUT interests and applications to work with my business already started to roll in. THAT IS AMAZING!

So if you want to know step by step what I am doing, just follow me here.
It all started with my interest in this company in the summer of 2017, taking the Attraction Marketing Formula course to start with and ACTUALLY getting a individual coach.


I choosed this because what they were saying they could do was EXACTLY on the spot what I was doing.
So laying in my caravan I started reading and listening.

To be continued…..





Ultimate Lifestyle advisor

The story in real time about how I managed to make my NWM business online and had the right people actually applying to work with me. ​​Finding a system to bild a ​SOLID ​Global business ONLINE​​​. This blog is about me finding an TOTALLY UNIQUE system for building a solid NWM business 100% global and 100% online