NWM a serious job or a pyramid scheme?

One of the biggest tasks in my job is to help new business owners start their own independent income and lifestyle. I meet people who want a change in life at different levels and present a new opportunity for them. Many want changes like:

-More time
-More money.
-Free to control over their time themselves.
– Possibility to travel more.
-A good extra income.
-Active job with a lot of social contacts.
-The feeling of belonging to a team / colleagues who really have fun and help eachother.
-A safe future and not work 40 hours a week for 40 years and then when you get time get 40% in retirement.
-Secure future for their children.

The reasons can be many, but I always focus on what the individual person wants to achieve. Finding his or her dreams and meaningfulness is always the starting point of how I put up the success plan.

Yes and I will get paid by my company when I introduce and teach a new colleague. Actually nothing stranger than a teacher gets a salary to educate students. Yes, except that I wont get paid unless my student starts to earn money because that means that I was not a good enough teacher.  When my “student” becomes successful and start earning money my percentage based on that is much less than what he or she is earning. It´s just a teaching or coaching fee. The only difference in my case is that my NWM compny thanks me by replacing me with a small percentage of my student’s progress as long as they work in the company. Just like a teacher would get a small percentage of what the students will be in the future because they did a good job when they taught them at school.

Does it feel strange?

I know that the job I offer is different and that it requires thinking and working in a new way. Because I live and breathe my company and it has become more of a lifestyle, I know how and when it’s “working” if someone would have questions about it.

Whenever I and my colleagues ask you or someone else if you want to look at how the company and work works, then it’s obvious that we think it could help you in one way or another. Yes or maybe it’s because you’re just such a nice and fun individual that we simply want to work with. Take it as a compliment!

Imagine if I had a large multimillion company and needed a managing director I would love to work with someone I know so I asked 10 of my friends if they were interested in the job  with a salary of 5000USD  per month. Do you think any of the 10 people I asked would be offended or disappointed because I asked them, or think I asked them because I would only make money or try to be cheat them? Or even think it was strange that I contacted them after all this time to ask if they wanted a job and become my colleague?

No, probably not, they would be flattered by the question, and most of them would certainly be curious while others would not. This despite the fact that it is no secret that I would of course make money from hiring them, otherwise neither myself nor any other entrepreneurs would hire staff.

I would like all other employers, of course, want my staff to work so much, they only went for as little money as they could accept and still be satisfied. That’s how more or less all jobs work. Can we agree?



But when you work in the network marketing industry, it’s far from anyone who gets flattered by the question. Many say no without actually knowing what it’s all about. They have a lot of preconceived sentences and thoughts without really realizing. Many people seem very concerned that someone is going to make money from helping them, they see it as the only reason they get the question and sometimes they are even offended.

I have not had ONE ONLY presentation, by the way, maybe one,  that hes left our meeting and thought I had an underious business opportunity. However, not everyone is interested, and of course it is all right. But it feels good when you get a NO and you know that it´s base on the right information.

I would just like to highlight some difference with what I offer compared to whether I had that big company. I told you that I get compensation for my company when I help someone get started with their business, but this is never without that the one I help,  earn more from their organization than I do. IF I earn more than anyone else in my company, it’s because I’ve simply helped more people towards their  dreams, extra income or whatever their goals has been. So I earn more, the more people I help. If I help more, I can actually surpass anyone in the organisation if I decide to wotk harder than they do.  Instead of getting paid by the hour we get paid by getting other people successful.
I can give you one tip when it comes to the direct sales or NWM business, choose a person that you trust to work with that can inspire you and help you. Listend to what he or she says and take action and success is just around the corner.


Thanks for reading

Live with passion


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