When all that works starts to make sense

You can see the video below.

After turning my head inside out and at the same time taking courses and following the ones that makes their online business so proffessional my ideas is starting to develop really good.

I found a partner that has the same goals but can fill in my gaps, meaning that we can coplete eachother in the aim of making the online business that we want.

Getting digital success is a process and some of the things takes really long time and it´s good to have a partner to discuss with and share the work between. Hopefylly you like different things and you, like I, can do even more of what you love!

So I will continue my journey here, from my thoughts, my start with EMP and how we build our business online from small to 100% global and huge business. I will be one in the best of the world of creating a system to build my team online with PROUD downlines working from all over the world wherever they are.


I really recommend you to take the free course Attraction Marketing Formula bootcamp, it´s free and you´ll get many ideas.


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The story in real time about how I managed to make my NWM business online and had the right people actually applying to work with me. ​​Finding a system to bild a ​SOLID ​Global business ONLINE​​​. This blog is about me finding an TOTALLY UNIQUE system for building a solid NWM business 100% global and 100% online