Why I started a home based business

​... and ​could leave my messy ​bankruptsy behind.

​​I had lived abroad for a long time, I am originally from Sweden and was living in Turkey. There I had a real estate business which I really enjoyed, but it ended with a crash. Having a regular company that I wanted to get me a good income had a really big risk that I ​was not prepared for. It ended up with big debts, angry customers say the least and threats and reports to the police, they left me free from charges though.

​After coming back to Sweden I was devastated. What would I work with here? I had left because I wanted more of my life than I could see here and I wanted to work in another county. I had also decided to never return back. After all the problems I got deported and in Sweden I was.

As an old teacher and Personal trainer etc I took regular jobs and I did well but I sure missed the freedom of being my own boss. I searched on the internet and found out that from the laptop you could actuallay do a lot. I stated with that and became a marketing director. I enjoyed that but I still wanted to work for myself.

​Although I was NOT willing to take the risk of having a big company that could go wrong again. So I was not actually looking anymore. I just accepted the fact that it doesn´t really exist.

With a regular job if you want to earn good money you have to work hard, in that case hard work means many hours. I got pregnant, is in the middle of this I managed to find myself a man, and as I was pregnant, I realised that I would not either want or be able to work as many hours as before.

​That´s when I got introduced to direct sales. I said NO maybe 10 times and when I signed up I decided not to follow through for a long time. But that is a ​another story. ​​Working from home does not have to be Directsales just because it was the case for me. BUT working from home requires to train up your mindset and ability to motivate yourself and that goes for us all Homeworking people.

I added 10 minutes here, a phone call there, some messages there and many coffebreaks and lunches. I decided tp learn the skills a home based business needed and I became very dedicated.

​Dedication and willingness to learn is a good start and can take you far. For me it meant earning the same as my other jobs in 4 months and being able to work from home 100% after one year. 11 months to be exact.

​I now know what it takes and I also now the challenges and it has not always been easy. Now 3,5 years down the line I know it´s the one of the best decision I´ve ever made. Let's give my man and kids some space here too.

I now live the ​benefits of:

  • ​Master my own time
  • Being my own boss
  • Never set the alarm clock
  • ​To take holiday when I want
  • Be home with my kids when I want
  • Work for the salary I deserve
  • Work for myself and my familys future
  • Have fun ​at work
  • Work in my pyjamas if I would like to

​I think all of us working from home or thinking of working in a home based business should stick together and learn from each other. We have so much to give, ALL of us both oldies and new curios ones.

​My goal in life is to create a life I don't need a vacation from and inspire others to create the same.

Live with passion

My goal in life is to create a life I don't need a vacation from and inspire others to create the same.

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