Your succes depends on how much value you give

​Today there are so many choices of everything you want do do. Just get a phone and you will reach them all. If you want tp be successful you have to give value. I have heard this a thousand times but been so in the box that for me it has been focusing oon customer relations, ​exsisting team and the quality of our products. 

Ok everything of that is of course very important. Taking care of an existing customer is much easier than finding a new one and that goes for team too of course.

​Get your products and opportunity in front of a new set of eyballs…

​Yes that is actually all is about when we are talking of growth of a business. And it doesnt matter how much value you have to existing customers and team if yoy can´t find new.  That is a cold fact and also something I had started to think about a lot.

​Showing the products and opportunity with customers and team chasing you 

​Was that even possible? Confused as hell I asked questions in the VIP forum and immediatly one of the coaches Krista asked me to jump on zoom. We talked and she explaned, we talked about ​the value and she asked questions about me and gave me som REALLY good things that made my head spinning. Small words that actuallay changed my whole world. Being driven and passionated about what I do is my fire in life. I actually live to be in that state in a way. 
In the early autumn of 2017 I lost the spark a bit. I lost the confidence that this actually was possible as I realised that the way of working was difficult for many.

Krista gave me ideas and as I said those ideas was the lighter to my business fire.

​The Big Question; What is the value I can give so people wants to stop their busy lives and actually listen? 

​What do I have that others want? What am I passionated about and can give with pride. An extra service, something from my knowledge or experience?

​Thinking about it I just got stuck… There is no way out of this mess… People will never chase me… 

​The feeling of being so rignt in my thoughts but scared that I was wrong and at he same time not getting the ideas I needed almost made me crazy

​Giving up was never an option so I just thought, lets start det courses and do it 100% ​and let the brain do the work meanwhile....

​Confused Jenniefer​

Ultimate Lifestyle advisor

The story in real time about how I managed to make my NWM business online and had the right people actually applying to work with me. ​​Finding a system to bild a ​SOLID ​Global business ONLINE​​​. This blog is about me finding an TOTALLY UNIQUE system for building a solid NWM business 100% global and 100% online